Cows & Kids

Safety Resources for Our Community

We are a member of the national Safe Electricity program, which gives us access to a wealth of information and resources to further educate you.

Education for our community, employees, members and youth is one of our seven guiding principles.

Spreading the Message, One Platform at a Time

In addition to safety training for employees, your cooperative is continuously raising awareness of electrical safety in our communities. A few ways you may find our electrical safety messaging include:

  • Hearing how to stay safe around overhead lines while listening to your favorite radio station in your car or streaming it on your phone.
  • Reading how to keep your children safe from deadly shocks around boat docks from an ad in your local paper, cooperative newsletter or statewide publication.
  • Seeing how important it is to call before you dig from digital ads or social media.
  • Witnessing a live demonstration at a local co-op member meeting to learn you should stay in your car if you have an accident involving power lines.