lifting windshield wipers before snow storm

Winter Car Safety

Deteriorating road conditions, low visibility and frigid temperatures can quickly spell disaster if you aren’t prepared. Check out our list of things to bring in your winter car care kit.

Safe Outdoor Holiday Decoration

Illuminate your home for the holidays safely with our outdoor seasonal lighting tips.

Christmas tree with bulbs and fireplace on in background

Safe Indoor Holiday Decoration

Keep your home merry and bright this holiday season with some of our indoor seasonal decorating safety tips.

downed power line by tree

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe from Electrical Dangers This Tornado Season

Tornadoes can strike in an instant. Keep your family safe this tornado season with our five essential tips.

woman in flood with rain boots

Flood Preparedness: Electrical Safety During a Flood

Electrical safety is essential when flood waters rise. Be prepared for dangerous situations with our crucial indoor and outdoor flooding safety tips.

lightning storm in field

Storm Watch vs. Storm Warning: What You Need to Know

lightning storm by tree

Lightning Safety

Learn where you should be when lightning strikes, and know the difference between lightning fact and fiction.


What Is Electric Shock Drowning?

Electric shock drowning (ESD) is a silent threat to you and your family. Find out how ESD occurs, what it looks like and how you can avoid it.

dock with ladder

Prevent Electrical Shock Drowning with These Safety Tips

Explore more information about electric shock drowning and how you and your family can avoid it.

Family watching fireworks display

Fireworks Safety

A fireworks display can cap off a fun day of Fourth of July festivities. However, if you're putting on your own performance, take a moment to review our safety tips to avoid bodily injury and causing a power outage.

woman dipping toes in pool

Stay Safe: Swimming Pool Electrical and Hot Tub Wiring Mistakes

There's nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day. However, if your pool or hot tub has faulty wiring or other broken components, it can quickly spell disaster. Find out how to look for electrical hazards and what you should do if your pool or hot tub has one.

little girl in pool with sunglasses and pink tube

Water Safety

It's fun to splash around during the summer months. However, knowing how to determine and eliminate electrical threats is essential. Use our quick guide for more information.

Hunter in field

Dove Hunting: Why You Should Never Shoot at Power Lines

As dove hunting season is in full swing, you may have already bagged a bounty of birds, or you might be hitting the fields soon. Regardless of when you join in on the hunt, check out why you should avoid shooting doves off power lines.


Hunting and Electrical Safety

Hunting can be a great pastime. But, regardless of the time of year, remember electrical equipment is never in season. Check out our hunting and electrical safety tips today to make your next hunt safer.