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You set up your electric service account with your local electric cooperative and think, “Now that’s done, I just have to pay my monthly bill.” 

However, we’re more than just a utility and power provider that you pay each month for electricity. We have more to offer – and we want you to know about energy efficiency, electrical safety, the benefits of being a rural electric cooperative member and so much more. We exist to serve our members, which means we’re here to help you. 

Browse our selection of informational content to find answers to your energy questions and discover why it’s great to be a rural electrical cooperative member.


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We're continually expanding our library of informational content to share with our members. We want our members to make the most of their energy use and their rural cooperative membership. Take a moment to explore our page categories to learn more.

Start Saving Energy Today

It can be overwhelming to look at your energy bill and wonder how you used so much energy the previous month. Our energy efficiency page is chock-full of ways you can reduce your home energy usage without sacrificing your comfort. Find quick, easy solutions and long-term game changers to help you save.

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Interested in Solar?

Wondering if solar is right for you? If you have questions about solar energy systems for your home or small business, we want you to make an informed and beneficial decision. Check out our solar energy resource page to get answers to your questions and more.

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Discover the Value of Electricity

From the power plant to your home’s outlet, rural electric cooperatives go to great lengths to get you the energy you need for your daily tasks. Learn more about the value of your electricity, how it’s produced and how you can use it to improve your life.

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Electrical Safety Starts Here

Electricity is vital for daily life. However, it can be hazardous if it isn’t used carefully. Your electric cooperative is dedicated to providing safe energy to you and your fellow member-owners. Look for ways to eliminate electrical hazards at home and in business with our electrical safety guides.

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Co-op Membership Has Its Perks

Rural electric cooperatives exist to operate in their member-owners’ best interest. See how local ownership, community involvement and personalized service can make a world of difference in your electric service.

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Listen to the Power For Your Life Podcast

Want great tips for energy efficiency, electrical safety and maximizing your cooperative membership on the go? Check out our Power for Your Life podcast! Each succinct, insightful show will help you make better decisions for your daily electricity use. 

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