Male and female inside a home office looking at the indoor unit of a ductless heat pump holding a remote to change the temperature

Ductless Heat Pumps

A ductless, mini-split heat pump can reduce the amount of energy you need to cool or warm your home. These units can be especially advantageous for certain home layouts. Check out our article about ductless heat pumps to see if this unit is right for your home.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Looking to reduce spending on your air conditioning? Air-source heat pumps can run more efficiently and are more environmentally friendly than other types of units. Check out our article on these energy-saving systems to see if one is right for your home.

Cozy living room with comfortable couches and chairs and a fireplace in the back

Fireplace Efficiency

There's nothing like gathering around the fireplace with friends and family to relax. While these centers of warmth can create a cozy environment, fireplaces can actually cause your home to lose heat and raise your energy bills. Find out how you can make your fireplace more efficient.

ground source heat pump valves

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Did you know you can use the constant temperature from the ground to warm and cool your home? While this may seem like a science fiction concept, it's a real way to control the temperature in your home. Find out if a geothermal heat pump is a good choice for you.

space heater on wood floor

The Truth About Electric Space Heaters

Space heaters are a popular way to get quick heat, but does their small size equal efficiency? Discover the truth about this popular heating appliance to see if you should utilize a space heater this winter.

testing AC unit

How Do I Know When I Should Replace My AC Unit?

We get it. Replacing your air conditioner isn't fun. However, it's best to see the signs of a failing unit and take action before it becomes completely inoperable. Review our latest article to find out when you should replace your unit versus when you can repair it.

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How to Lower Your Heating Costs and Stay Warm

As the weather cools, it's tempting to crank up your home's heating system to stay comfortable. However, heavy reliance on your furnace can turn into a hefty monthly bill. Check out a few ways to stay warm and retain heat better during the chilly winter months.