School bus safety: What to do if power lines fall on a bus

One snowy morning, Clint Shults was driving a school bus with students on board when suddenly the weight of the snow brought a power line down onto the moving school bus. 

Fortunately, Clint knew the right steps to take, and everyone stayed safe on the bus. Watch his story here, and share with others so they know how to stay safe if faced with a similar situation.

Learn how to stay safe if faced with a similar situation in your vehicle.

Regardless if you’re a school bus driver or a student riding in one, it’s important for you to know what to do in the event that power lines fall on your bus. Here are a few safety tips and rules to follow if a situation like this ever happens to you:

If you are in a vehicle that comes into contact with a downed line or power pole:

  1. Stay calm, and stay inside the vehicle.

  2. Call 911.

  3. Warn others to stay away from the vehicle.

  4. Stay seated, and do not exit the vehicle until utility personnel say it is okay to do so.

  5. If you must exit the vehicle because it is on fire, jump clear of it with your feet together and without touching the vehicle and ground at the same time. Keeping your feet together, shuffle or “bunny hop” to safety.