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March 2020

What are the rules of electrical right-of-way maintenance?

When we flip a switch, we expect a light to turn on. When we plug our hair dryer in, we expect it to work. We understand how our appliances connect to electricity, but we don’t spend much time thinking about how our electricity gets to us. The answer is in our power lines — power lines are able to carry electricity from miles away to make sure we can accomplish tasks as minor as using an electric toothbrush and as major as keeping our family from overheating in the summer. Power lines are a necessity to our lives, and your co-op is responsible for making sure your power lines are working as efficiently and as safely as possible. 

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February 2020

Keep your family safe from electrical fires in four easy steps 

Our homes are a place of happiness and safety, a place to sit and relax with those who matter most to us. When something threatens that safety, it’s important to address it immediately to protect both ourselves and those we love. This is especially the case for electrical issues in our homes. Not only can these issues appear out of nowhere, they can cause dangerous fires that can seriously injure those living inside the home. 

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