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Keep your energy affordable

Most everyone can agree that a commitment to the environment is important. Your electric cooperative agrees with this, too. And our power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. has worked hard to significantly reduce emissions and improve air quality. We feel it is important to use a variety of energy sources to provide you with a balance of clean, affordable and reliable electricity.

In 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants under the Clean Air Act. The proposal was 600 pages plus another 1,000 of supporting documents.

Besides reading the actual rule, a lot also has been written about its legality, feasibility and complexity. Lost in the shuffle of thousands of pages is the impact on people. How much will electric bills increase? Will manufacturers relocate? How many jobs will be lost? Which power plants will be forced to shut down? These are difficult questions. But they’re important questions.

Thankfully, a U.S. Supreme Court decision blocked the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan until all legal challenges to it are resolved.  

We put our members first. We advocate for you. We see you every month paying your bill at the office. We work with you. We know when times are tough. We often live next door.

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