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Are you like your co-op?

As parents you want what is best for your kids. And we only want what is best for our members. Members are actually the reason cooperatives exist. So everything we do revolves around what is best for you. Sound familiar? And we follow seven main guidelines to make sure of it. So here are seven of many things we have in common.

Maybe just a little extra gas money, or maybe for the latest gadget. We know you would give them the moon if you could. Well, as long as they would appreciate it! We can help you out with this. We pay our members back in capital credits when it is financially possible.


They are part of the family, and their opinion matters too. Just like you, we give our members a vote. Every year members can vote for who represents them on the board of directors. So you are in charge of selecting who runs your co-op.


You make decisions based on what is best for your family. Like you, our decisions are based on what is best for the whole membership. Why? Because we don’t answer to stock holders, we answer to you.


You value education, and we do too. We provide information to members to help you and your family stay safe around electricity, to save money by using energy wisely and to tell you about what we are doing. Knowledge is power.


You love your children equally, no matter their differences. Like you, we value all our members and treat them fairly regardless of gender, social, racial, political or religious differences.   


You know there is strength in numbers, and you have a network of friends and other parents on your side to band together when you need help. We know how good it feels to have friends that support us. Cooperatives nationwide help if we have major power outages due to storms, which reduces your outage time.


From PTA meetings to fund raisers, you have been a part of the school since your oldest was in kindergarten. We believe support of local schools and communities are important too. And we are involved in local events because we live here too and want the community to thrive.       


Congratulations! You have just learned all of our seven cooperative principles.  

We do have one bonus reason that we are alike, and it’s a biggie. Safety. We know you want to keep your kids safe, and we want to keep our members safe too. Find out more about staying safe around electricity here.

See… you are more like us than you realized. And that is a good thing.

Thanks for being our member!


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